Monday, July 17, 2006

Her Royal Highness Camille Marie

Camille is not your typical middle child. There is not a chance this child will be forgotten in the middle. She has only recently started to talk, and seeing the world through Camille eyes is quite amusing and amazing. Camille is smart. She does see things as others do. She has her own take on the ways things are and the way things will work. She's independent and distant (except with her daddy). When she was a baby people would admire her, and she would turn to them with this cold haughty stare. She makes people uncomfortable. Now that she's decided to be social, she scares the hell out of other kids. She gets two inches from their faces and talks Camillesque to them. And with babies, it's hilarious. She treats them the same ways she treats dogs. She gets so excited she shakes and then wiggles her hands in their faces.
Favorite Quote: I'm a bad guy.

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