Sunday, July 09, 2006

Jedi Knight Umberto

Yup, my six year old is hopelessly into Star Wars. I guess not all that surprising considering his mom. Umberto is a Gemini. Horror of horrors really. And yes he acts like one. I know I have Gemini friends out there laughing at this twist of fate. He's also the most like his dad: handsome, passionate, sulky, and on the moody side. But he's has my love of people, and has tons of friends. As his mom I think he's dreadfully handsome, and there are number of ladies who think so as well. Horacio poisoned him musically by introducing him to Phish at a concert when Umberto was three. Now he can't deal with anything remotely heavy. He adores Bob Marley and Devendra Barnhart. Currently he loves bugs, and is terrified of fairies.

1 comment:

Horacio said...

and I want my child to be a long haired child...
as for the jedi aspect-
wild he is,
adventure he seeks,
better behaved he needs to be.