Sunday, August 06, 2006

Piper Blue

I have finally come to my youngest. It is the nature of the youngest to fall behind in photos and explanations. By the time, I reach three, I am tired. It is not that I lose the words but more that I lose the energy to go through another explanation. Another exploration of the characteristics that form a human being.

Piper Blue is my sweet lovie. She is the mellow anchor to our craziness. She kisses and loves on us as we bounce from chaos to crazy. But make no mistake that this child is not a pushover. She makes her stand against the older two without fear.

Piper wants so much to do everything that the other two do. She's determinded to not be left behind. And while she rushes toward age with her arms open, she gladly returns to my arms to become once again my baby.

1 comment:

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