Friday, February 09, 2007

Hooked on What?

My lovely, creative son decided he really wanted the Hooked On Phonics set (this one has reading, math, and writing). It's mind numbingly boring for me but he loves it. I wonder if it is because he just wants to read and this seems like a nice logical set of steps for him. I don't know if it is doing any good but he's having a good time.

We are still doing other things. My friend Kerri gave me an idea in which your child picks a word for the day, and then you write it on an index card for the child. This builds up a personalized vocabulary for the child. And we're doing lots of things like gluing beans on to letter templates, and playing with our letter paint sponges. We're doing lots of number games, and activities which he enjoys more than he used to. I'm trying to do fun things in terms of social studies connected the months. We read a great book called "So You Want to Be President" which Umberto loved. It had quirky pictures and fun little facts about the past presidents. We also have a book on Socrates called "Wise Guy."

In addition to all this, we rejoined a homeschooling coop. So now Umberto does an environmental group called "Roots and Shoots," chorus, violin lessons, and a book club. Add to this a future 4H group, and an art class with the aforementioned friend Kerri, and we're booked. But he's happy and learning.

Funny story for the post:
Umberto told Horacio that Camille taught him how to read! Umberto showed Horacio how Camille pointed to each page in a particular book and told him what it said. I guess during this conversation Camille kept saying "Yes Daddy Umberto reads."

Okay another funny story:
Umberto shows me his comic and says "Look Mom, the troop is saying 'Morons."" I look, and yes, indeed, the troop is saying "moron." One of Umberto's first words to read is moron. Just figures.

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Ephémère said...

Oh darling Umberto! Seems like I knew today was the day to have news from him... Well, his loving tia is hooked on his progress and always waiting for the next step AND funny story to come. So morons, hah? Well, we could gather from this that he's a most scrutinizing child looking out on the world, isn't it so? Not to mention the state of the nation...

Regarding presidents, isn't it funny, or rather tremendously prophetic, that I've often said, as if the gods spoke through my mouth without my will intervening, that Umberto will be the US first Mexican-American president? Ask Pierre, he'll corroborate.

I am here waiting for the next story. How's Umberto doing with the violin? It seems that a grand uncle of ours was a fairly good violinist, and a great libertine, too. Orpheus, come to us.

Love to you all