Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Maybe not such a failure

A few weeks later, and I'm chilled although I may have freaked out every other adult in Umberto's life. I have to keep reminding myself that I learned to read at 7.5, and look, I'm a genius:) Okay so not that smart but smart enough to make it through grad. school. There is a part of me that knows deep down that Umberto is better off from not having the pressure to do everything quick. And I know that he's capable and that things will click for him when they're supposed to click. But there is also that panicky part of me that knows he has to back to school when we start our Ph.Ds. I guess I need some faith that things will click by the time he's 8!

A few days ago I was reading Cat Wings by Jane Yolen to the kids. I came across a great line that changed how I thought about Umberto. The book is about a litter of flying kittens whose mother sends them away from the city for a better life. Once in the woods, the birds freak out because the cats are on equal footing. Here's the line about Owl and the concern over flying cats: "It took a while for the Owl to understand this. Owl is not a quick thinker. She is a long thinker"(20). See that's Umberto. He takes his time and in the end has a full understanding...maybe a fuller understanding then someone who thinks quick. It's not about how fast you master something but rather that you master it.

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