Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Bike

We almost went out to buy another umbrella stroller. Then I realized that for Piper's birthday we had bought her a tricycle with a stroller handle. Duh. Of course it was in pieces in the box which is why I had "forgotten" about it. So today I dragged it all out for two reasons. First, I wanted to get the huge box of my bedroom, and second, I wanted to go for a walk with the kids in the evening.

So I opened it all up. The instructions were of course cryptic. I'm not a pictorial learner so the lack of words drove me insane. And add to this three utterly fascinated children....it was nuts. Horacio and I started snapping at each other of course....this always happens we deal with putting things together. Oh, and the instructions put the bell on before the bike is completely finished. Yeah, the kids kept coming over and dinging the bell.

But the final result was pretty cool. And Piper loved it. She was annoying as hell trying to get everyone to push her around the house, and dinging that damn bell. Camille was a bit jealous but she's really ready for a two wheel bike. And Umberto was so thrilled by this contraception that he decided he wanted a bike for his birthday. I'm pretty excited as he's never been interested before. He's giddy about riding downtown with us as we walk the girls. Of course he'll have to practice more before he's there but it's great that he has a goal.

And we got our evening walk. It was a lot of fun. Umberto had a grand time pushing Piper. We walked to downtown Matthews to the library. We're going to try to do this every night.

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