Saturday, June 16, 2007


She was enjoyed attention from other men. It made her feel sexy and desirable. She was not an easy person to love due to this need. In fact, she expected this same adoration from her husband. His compliments were never enough. She craved constant comfirmation of her attractiveness to him. And when they went out, she watched, desperate for other men to notice her. When they would leave a public place, she would intergate him: Did anyone look at her? Was that young man staring at her ass? Did you see the way that other guy stared at her tits?

He doubted her ability to be faithful. It was not that she didn't love him enough to be faithful but rather that she didn't love herself enough to be faithful. He anticipated the time it would happen. In his mind, he played out various sernaios--trying them on. He wasn't sure what reaction fit him best. He knew she would want an outrageous fit of jealously but that if he left her she would be devasted. Just as she been devasted when various other men left her due to unfaithfulness. And she wouldnt' lie. He knew that. She would need for him to know. Need him to possess her, to claim her as his. Her desire for this kind of self-affirming drama was exhausting. Her desire consumed him.


Ernesto said...

I'm sorry your comment was deleted with my post. I thank you for your very kind comment. I just felt that post had to be deleted.

Please accept my apologies.

Your humble reader,

Ginger said...

No problem E. I was only teasing:) The comment was meant for you and you read it so it served it's purpose yes?

And I understand. I once deleted this whole blog...

Jess said...

Cool story! I really like how you got into the heads & thoughts of both of the two characters.

(I also love all the pictures! You guys look like you were having such a good time!)