Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Life at My House

1. First draft of statement of purpose has been torn apart. I will now attempt to finish a new draft by Friday. Likely that will be torn apart as well but I can already tell it will be better. So all good.

2. Thesis proposal is almost done. I am back to being way excited about my thesis. I finished my third reading of the memoir. Now I have her documentary to watch! Can't wait. I have almost all my secondary reading done. Hopefully, I will be done all reading by the end of this month. This means I can churn out hopefully 60 pages by early Dec., edited those in the middle of January, and have the last 40 out by mid Jan. This would give a month to do all final editting and formating. Me stressed? Nah....

3. No pictures of my hair. I officially hate it. I wear it up all the time which looks cute but is a pain in the ass. Defeats the whole purpose of having bangs which was to not have to wear said hair up.

4. Umberto, listening to Morrissey the other night says, "This sounds like a guitar that got caught up in a tornado." Camille is in love with Morrissey and says "He's cute!" And would like him to be her boyfriend.

5. My house is trashed. It looks like a torando swepth through.

6. I really really miss reading fiction but have being lulling myself to sleep with thesis reading and Foucault.

7. Foucault is right. Reading about masturbation is boring.

8. Had an awesome time at my prof's house the other night. He was relaxed and cool. Horacio and he ended up poring over CDs for half the night.

9. Did I mention stress?

10. Umberto is doing great with his schoolwork, and I'm even having fun. All good there...

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Lolabola said...

1. yay and wow you're positive.

2. yay and wow I'm so needing to get off my butt and get my crap together

3. oh. that sucks, I can so relate

4. is hilarious

5. perhaps it's the guitar?

6. I can't even imagine lulling myself to sleep this way

7. have never thought about that

8. great!

9. possibly, but damn, you're upbeat about it

10. your life frankly sounds amazing, I feel all calm and relaxed after reading about it.