Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Weekly News Flash

Weeellll not really a flash, more like a twirp in the universe, a blink. I don't really think of myself as that special.

I am now on revision, I think, four of the thesis proposal. I had a sort of breakthrough yesterday so I am hoping, strongly, that this is the last one. I've always noticed that when I work on something through many drafts, I have five or six drafts that are shitty and then there is one last big push that totally transforms the paper. I'm at that push...the baby is about to be born (Interesting note: I had no clue I was using a birth metaphor as I wrote the first part of that sentence).

Still working on statement of puporse of well. Sigh. That one got really shredded again. I'm struggling to not feel like a total idiot. Advisor seemed a bit harsh this time around. But exadvisor is constantly sending me little assurances. So this week, I will hash out yet another draft.

I am supposed to be studying for the GRE. Note the supposed to be. Where I'm finding I'm going to find the time will be interesting. Yeah, I know, get off the blog and study.

Other than that things are good. I'm starting to tenatively outline my thesis. Got a couple of much needed books in the mail. I need to have all my reading done by the ending of this month. And then I really need to be writing at least a couple of


Matthew said...

Sounds like you're doing great on the applications and getting ready. I know it's not the same field at all, so all the details are different, but there may be some helpful general advice on the application process here:

Jess said...

I'm big on drafts too. Usually what I end up with only barely resembles my first draft. The hard part for me is remembering when something is only a draft (and not freaking out because it is so bad!). Good luck! Sounds like you're doing well.

Ros said...

Yay on your progress! You're moving along, that's great. I hope you don't feel TOO stupid. Growing up in dance class, the dance teachers only pick on you when they think you have potential. Maybe you can interpret your shredding in this light?