Thursday, November 22, 2007

Missing the Goose

Umberto is in Maine with my mom. I miss him dreadfully. He's gone with her before, and I know it's okay to let him go. But oh I miss him still. I miss his funny little ways. I even miss his tantrums, and sobbing "YOU HATE ME!" Having him absent...well it makes the house emptier. There's something missing.

And the girls have been awful without him. Really awful. They've hit, clawed, and screamed at each other since we dropped him off my mom's on Monday night. It's been a nonstop bitch fight. I never knew how much Umberto buffered between the two of them. I think they miss him too.

But he's having a great time. So much so that he wouldn't even talk to me on the phone tonight. He's playing in the snow, having fun with his cousins (who adore him as we all do), and getting spoiled by his aba.

Distance...funny how it makes love more known. I know I love Umberto but sometimes when he's driving me nuts, it's not the think I think of the most. But when he's gone, I realize how much he's a part of my life, how much he's a part of my soul. I don't know how parents who lose children do it. And I don't know how in 7.5 years this little person has laid such a claim on me.

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