Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Notes of the Day

1. Can I tell you how fucking annoying it is that I have to pay $30 to have my GRE scores sent to to two universities? And in addition to that amount I have to pay $6 to do it over the phone. And this is what universities in the U.S. use to gauge who's worthy of grad. school? I mean, really. Let's support the testing business shall we? Ahhh..capitalism. Love it.

2. I really like my new SOP opening. I'm going to post it in another post to see what my dear readers think (yes I just love that totally pretentious affectation from the 17th century novel). I just finished number 5, and am really hoping that it will be enough except for maybe some polish so I can get it out. I've submitted my application to Chapel Hill, and now just need to send out all the supplementary items (SOP and sample paper). But anyway, I'm scared as hell because there is a part of me that feels that there is no way I'm going to get in. I really have no clue what I'll do if I'm not accepted. There's just nothing I really want to do besides this, and while it might only be a year...it's a year of being unhappy. I remember when I was little I'd want something so badly (like seeing my dad), and I would force myself to think that it wasn't going to happen so that wouldn't hurt so bad when it didn't happen. Of course it never helped...it always hurt no matter what I thought. I only got to save a bit of face if I acted like it wasn't going to happen (the on the time I acted excited, and my dad didn't show up, my mom turned to me, and said "See I told you he never comes."). I still do this, knowing that I get rejected, it's going to be very hard to not take it personally.

3. I'm starting to outline my thesis in greater detail, and have been making notes for my introduction. I'd like to have the introduction hammered out by the end of classes (Dec. 10). My proposal feels as good as it's going to get. I doubt if my advisor feels that way but after 7 reworkings, it just feels done. I'm sending it out to two secondary advisers, and hopefully will get their approval. Once this is done, I can submit it to our director where it will be signed and made official. With any luck I can finish it over the winter break, and then work on rewriting and editing over the Spring semester.

4. Excited about next semester. I decided to take a class in ritual with our new professor. It's a pain in the ass time which was why I wavered. I'll have to drive the kids to campus to meet Horacio on Thursdays (we've done this before so it's nothing new). But a couple of incidents occurred which made it really the only choice. But it will be good. I know little about ritual so good. And this class appears to have a theoretical emphasis so even better.

5. Thursday...Thanksgiving. Blah. Umberto went to Maine with my mom (I already miss him). We were going to just hang out here but H decided he'd like to go hang with some friends of his. They're having an "Other Family Thanksgiving Potluck" so it should be fun. We need to get out more. We tend to be a tad homebodish during this part of the semester.

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