Saturday, November 17, 2007

Unpolitical Leanings

One of our favorite things to do is to take spontaneous trips to Barnes and Nobles. Horacio gets home at say 8:30, with us waiting, dressed, and eager to go. Why Barnes and Nobles? Well, it has attractions for each of us. I get to have pumpkin lattes. Horacio gets to read music magazines, and the kids get to play with stuffed animals and the Thomas Train table (oh, can't forget the peppermint brownies). And since we live on a pretty loose schedule, we can go at anytime and hang out until their 11 p.m. closing time.

Usually we only purchase coffee products but this time we got the kids some cheap books, and I picked up The Golden Compass. While Horacio was paying, Camille had wandered up the aisle to look at the magazines and books they had up front. She started laughing, and Umberto wandered up to see what she was laughing at. He started howling. They were both pointing and laughing hysterically by the time I got up to see what was so funny. It was this:

And while the situation in Pakistan is horrible (two crooks on either side vying for power), the cover is a tad funny. And maybe really what it shows is how amazingly ridiculous all these politicians are. Through the eyes of the child....

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