Sunday, December 02, 2007

Corrupting Our Kids

We're in the car last night, and H has brought a long a CD to play for the kids. Said kids are okay about the first song but as H starts another:

Piper: I want to sing Morrissey! (happy insistence because she's thinking "OF COURSE they have Morrissey in the car." We don't).

Horacio: This is Morrissey, hold on. (He's totally lying because we don't have any Morrissey in the car. It's Belle and Sebastian who sound NOTHING like Morrissey). Whispers to me: I can totally fool her.

Belle and Sebastian fills the car.

Piper, screaming: "That is NOT Morrissey. I want Morrissey. (At this point, she begins to sob hsyterically because we don't have any Morrissey. We discover she would rather have silence than listen to anything else besides Morrissey).

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Ros said...

I salute your supreme coolness as parents. I am in awe.