Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Done and Toasted

I just emailed the Foucault paper to professor. In a half hour, I will give the grades to the professor I TAed (this really should be a verb), and then I'm done. Wow. I sort of feel there's something that didn't get done. Maybe because it's I usually have two papers done by this time of the year. But I did get out a graduate application, and I wrote my proposal. I also did a fuck of a lot of reading for my thesis. My overacheiver self just needs to chill out.

After I sent my paper out I wandered over to the library for some winter break reading. Nothing really caught my interest though. There was a biography about Bukowski but I thought: You're already depressed do you really think this would be light reading? Answer: No. I put it back. Maybe over the summer. I also thought about getting out Frued's correspondence but agian just not really what I'm looking for. Basically everything looked kind of blah. Now I know I'm depressed. I thought about launching right into my thesis as I wandered the stacks but that nearly me put me on the floor. Guess I'll be picking up the second books in "The Golden Compass" series. And what I really thought I'd like to read besides though two books is the rest of "A Thousand Plaeteaus," Butler's "Precarious Lives" and the book of Foucault interviews "Ethics." Go figure.

And of course I'm sick. I did yoga last week. I tell you doing yoga makes me sick. It's one of those crappy colds where you just feel totally blah. My head is stuffy, my nose is full. Everything tastes like crap (and I LOVE Christmas food). I just sort of feel like I'm walking through life in slow motion. Hopefully the cold will end before Christmas.

Good thing is that I have very little shopping to do. The kids are done (except for Umberto's SuperMario Bros. 6 for Gamecube). I only have gift cards to purchase and send now. I'm afriad that my family is rather dull in that all they want are giftcards. How unfun is that? But I guess it's good that I don't go through the agonzing process of trying to find the perfect gift for everyone. I did get to pick out gifts for H. It was fun, and I think he'll love them.

And last night I actually came in second on MarioKart, and am even managed to beat GrandMaster Umberto in one race. He was pretty astonished. Hell so was I.


Horacio said...

Umberto wants a chance to reify his Mario-Kart superiority!

Horacio said...

As for that cold, I have some remedies to offer... el yerberito, me dicen el yerberito.

Horacio said...
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John B-R said...

Unasked for book suggestions: Donna Haraway's brand new *When Species Meet*; Arakawa + Gins' *Making Dying Illegal*

Hope you feel better soon.

PS, I think the Haraway might be just the thing, given that my word verification ends in ... wuf!

Jess said...

Awesome job with the paper and MarioKart! :)

And I'm with you on the yoga: it makes me feel miserable too.