Saturday, December 29, 2007

Ginger’s Mundane World

I've heard a lot of internet buzz around this program that gets you ready to run a 5K. Now I have no desire to actually race (I HATE competition of any kind) but I do love to run. I checked out the website and thought "This is doable." It's nine weeks so long enough to form a habit but not long to make me poke my eyes out in boredom. Plus it eases you into running which means my knees are not likely to go out under me. I will have to buy one of those lovely, ever so fashionable black braces. Sexy. I can hear the cat calls as I'm running down the road...

In addition, I've also decided to shake up my eating a bit. First, I'm going to try core on the WW plan. This is basically eating foods that are not processed. You have some room for processed foods. I am doing this because I really need to detox my body from a couple of weeks of eating too much junk. It really effects how I function physically and emotionally. Next week, I'm going to try to go Vegan. H is having a fit about this one;P But I promised I'd not only make scrambled tofu but I'd actually eat it. It's partly his fault anyway as he bought me the Veganomicon cookbook last night. I just want to see if I could do it. And I want to see if it a, helps my horrible complexion and b, if I really will feel better.

Speaking of horrible complexion….I ventured out to the mall yesterday. Now the thing is I HATE malls. Badly. With great passion. I can spend a lot of time extolling the evils of the mall for anyone who cares to listen. Worst yet, we went to the snobby mall. I hate the snobby mall even more than the two regular malls we go to. And it was horrible. We went to the snobby bookstore which has a very cool children's section (and where H foolishly bought me the book <evil crackle>). There was the obligatory ultra skinny mom (do these women EVER eat?) in her even more obligatory mom's jeans. Now maybe I'm just a bitch (okay there is no maybe about it) but why on earth would you starve yourself to weigh like 80lbs when you're 5'9 and then wear mom's jeans? I mean come on, at least reward your amazing self control with jeans that don't make you look 80. And she was snotty with a horrible laugh. And this trend followed us throughout the mall. Our all time, hand down favorites though were the "twins." A mother/daughter pair both dressed in expensive, ugly beige dress slacks, cream silk blouses, silk scarves, and lots of big gold jewelry.

The only highlights of this horrible experience (which included a twenty minute wait in a Starbucks line cause mama needed coffee) were The Body Shop and Urban Outfitters. The Body Shop was a highlight because, well, I've never been in one. A certain friend (you know who you are) blogged about their tea tree oil facial cleanser so in a desperate attempt to find something to clear up my acne I decided to try it. As an added bonus none of these products are tested on animals. They have everything: make up, shampoo, soap, lotions. It was very exciting but I got quick before I dropped money we did not have. Urban Outfitters is not always a place I enjoy. It's a tad too trendy for me (although they did have a coat to die for). But I realized this time that the clerks just accept us as belonging there (even with all three kids). We get the nods reserved for those who "get it." And scarier I realized that I knew the music they were playing (Interpol). We have become, as I told Horacio, cool old people. But at least we were treated like the freaks of the universe (which is how everyone else in snobby mall treated us).

In other mundane news, we have watched a lot of movies. We watched the whole second season of "Big Love" in two weeks. We saw Hairspray. A good remake although there is this disturbing scene between Christopher Walken and John Travolta that has traumatized me for life. It made me put a bunch of John Waters' movies on my Netflix queue. I didn't know he made Cry Baby which is one of my favorite Depp films. We have "The Fountain" here which we need to watch soon. I also Stardust last night with U's homeschooling coop. I had a good time with my friend's sarcastic husband. It was a good movie. Lots of dark humor. We were all a tad disturbed when our kids cheered during a particularly gruesome part involving animals.
Well that's my mundane life for you… application to Chapel Hill is completed. Now for the four month wait from hell. Please keep your fingers crossed, light some candles, pray, whatever it is you do for H and I.


Lolabola said...

cream silk blouses! did they tie up with big droopy collar bows?

I hate malls

I think you need to know about a few good books on making your own natural 'beauty' products. I want to suck you into my addiction. It's even fun to do with kids. Future post I think, I don't want to distract from the cookbook reading (which I totally ogled at the book store last week)

Also on the cleanse front, taking green alive everyday is one of the best things that helped me. with acne and many other body imbalances.

Ginger said...

Oh please suck me in. I've been wanting to make my own beauty products for awhile...and god knows I have plenty of time on my hands;P

Yes they had droopy tie bows:)

What is Green Alive?

John B-R said...

My daughter took up the The Couch-to-5K Running Plan earlier this year. She felt like she needed to do something to take care of herself. She'd never run before. And tho she was a dancer, she's the last person one would think of as an athlete. Yet on 11 Nov she wrote:

"Today I ran my first race. My goal was to run the whole thing, and I came pretty darn close–out of 36 minutes, I walked for about 30 seconds. Honestly, I probably would have kept walking if T hadn’t cheerleaded me that last mile (the race was a 5k which is 3.1 miles. which is the farthest I have ever run.)

It was really, really hard. There is no way that I could have done this before starting the couch to 5k program, but I am a little impatient it waiting for it to get easier. I am thinking about doing another race maybe in February or March, the same distance to see if the extra few months of running make it easier. I am hopeful that they will."

It would appear then that this method really works.

Lolabola said...

okay, if I forget about the making products bit, just nudge me. am forgetful of late.

Green alive is a supplement of....well go read the list on that link. Not a replacement type thing, more like taking vitamins only it's not vitamins. anyway I try to drink it in the morning. Tastes really good with soy or rice milk (my sister uses water and that totally grosses me out). I found it with the naturopath/homeopath I went to years ago. There are tonnes of greens products out there, this is just the one I love and use often.

of course they had droopy bows!