Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate today. We do obviously. It was a morning filled with joy and tantrums. Sleepy kids overwelmed with joy and presents tends to result in numerous meltdowns. Add to this even sleepier adults...well let's just say we all need some naps. Oh and some clothes! I bought xmas pjs for the kids but they just prefer being in their underwear.

The kids didn't get as much this year. I tend to overdo it. But this year I toned down and it was better. And so far all the toys have been played with...Umberto didn't overly thrilled with track sets but he has been playing with them for the last hour.

My kids don't watch any commerical tv (unless they're at my mom's) so they are not as exposed to adverstising as some kids. But they still get wrapped up in thinking they need to own certian things. This year I was really determinded to pick out things I thought they would play with. This means that we had less of that giddy excitement but I think that in the long run we'll bought htem things they'll enjoy. And they were happy and apprecitative..,

Right now H is reading "Knuffle Bunny" to the girls. Well Piper fell asleep...somethign I need to do. Defintely a nap day. I was up until about 2:30 and then was waken by Piper at 6:30 who had to come out and get her stocking (U and H were already up). I did go back to bed until 9:30 but all the interuptions have taken their toll...

Everyone is full from gingerbread shaped pancakes...

and we're listening to my xmas gift:

The Smith's A Hatful of Hollow. It has the best verision of "How Soon Is Now" I have ever heard. After this, we'll listen to my other gift Pylon. This is the first year H recived no cds and I recieved them instead:P But H did get a cool Oscar Wilde teeshirt...

He so has the style to pull this off...

Later we might head out to a movie. We have a huge supper to eat sometime and a big bottle of wine to drink!

Merry Christmas everyone!

My mom and her husband.

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