Monday, December 03, 2007

Monday Mourning

Despite a life trying to consciously avoid stereotypes, I do hate Mondays. They slay me. Today was no exception. But there was good news...and for the most part I remained my happy chipper self. Bullets in the life of Ginger....who yes, John, is alive so very alive.

1. H and I think that being so in synch might not be a good thing. Yesterday I woke up with horrible pain in my left shoulder. I think I pulled a muscle while doing my free weights on Saturday. H came back from studying with intense back pain. We spent the rest of the day moaning and groaning unable to bend over, sit, or stand for too long. All this in the last weeks of classes--papers due, finals to grade. Yes, Ginger has a body!

2. I've been horribly bitchy lately. I got so pissed off at the dumbest thing yesterday. I feel a tad bad about my reaction. I mean, I don't feel bad about what I said but just that it bugged me so much. I suspect the recipent of my bitchiness thinks I'm a tad crazy. Sigh. I am crazy. But everyone has been the recipent of my nastiness. I think I need a hut to go when I'm unbearable. I really don't know how H stands it. Hell, I don't know how most of my friends stand it for that matter. I know what's wrong but there is no need to share everything with you, dear readers!

3. My shoulder still HURTS.

4. I found that I'm going to TA for one of my favorite professors. I'm very excited about this. He's teaching an intro. class on Christianity which is good experience for me. In addition, he wants me to teach a couple of classes.

5. I still have NOT written my Foucault paper. Not that I have any idea when it's due but I suspect soon;P Yes, I do need to write that and not work on my blog.

6. I overslept today and still managed to get a good parking spot. In fact, not only did I get a great spot, I managed to not get a ticket (I forgot my parking pass).

7. Had a great bitch session with fellow female TA. We're getting along well despite both being alpha females. I'm playing nice.

8. Did I mention I have a body?

I may erase the last post I wrote. It's too scattered and needs some work. I think there are like six stories buried in there.


Jess said...

That's really strange--I was just saying the exact same thing. This has been a very frustrating, very sterotypical-Monday for me too. I think I might have to admit that Mondays really are worse than most other days of the week...except for Sundays. I've never really liked Sundays. :)

Horacio said...

My back pain's almost gone... mondays are the days of the end of the world.