Thursday, December 13, 2007


Yesterday afternoon, I laid down for a nap with Piper (I'm sick I have an excuse). I started this bizarre nightmare but managed to pull myself out.

I was not me but a teen age boy. We, my mother, little sister (about two), and I, had moved to this huge deserted hotel. My mother had been hired to start the process of refurbishing the place. There was a very old lady that lived there but some reason my mother did know she was there. I knew that I brought her food but me doing that was not part of the dream.

In the dream, I was sitting on a floor in one of the rooms. It was dusty but the carpet was this brilliant white, and it was not dusty or dirty. Sometime was trying to push its way into my head and I was fighing to keep it out. My little sister came in, and sat beside me. Whatever it was strarted to try to get in her mind instead. I was pushing against this thing so hard, I was sweating, and one point in the dream, the sweat turned into blood. It feel in slow motion on the carpet in these perfect droplets. When it hit the carpet, the rug did not soak it up, rather it the carpet was fluid, and the drops hit, refracing up before being absorbed. I knew that I had to make my sister move to my other side and just the effort to talk was painful. She moved finally to my other side. The old lady came in, screamed, and ran. I managed to fight the thing off long enough to grap my sister and run.

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