Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Since I am a total foodie, I've been thinking for two weeks about our Christmas menu. Now we don't eat meat so the usual traditions were out. I found my menu looking through Cooking Light during one of our many forays to B & N. And since I do not do themes, I mix matched some things that look good. But there is a slightly Southwestern theme happening.

For the main course it's Red Chile-Cheese Enchiladas. This is more of a casserole than traditional Mexican enchiladas. It looks creamy and comforting. It also promises a bit of hotness. Too much creamy would be bad but creamy with a kick in the ass...perfect. I have definitely decided on the Ensalada de Noche Buena. This combines some interesting flavors including pomegranate and pumpkin seed kernels. Again creamy with some nice spices. Plus I am really coming around to fruit, spicy, and vegetable combos. I will be leaving out the grapefruit. Have not and can not even imagine ever coming around to liking grapefruit. I am making an appetizer not necessarily because I do the whole course thing but...Creamy Mushroom Phyllo Triangles. Not Southwestern but yum. I was thinking I could maybe do something with the spices though. Some cumin, coriander. I wish you could get spicy cream cheese. Now I have to figure out a soup. I was thinking some black beanish. And for dessert pumpkin pie because I just love pumpkin pie.

For Christmas Eve, we're going to my mom's. I'm making an upside down pear cake, and I have the Hello Dolly Bars. I really want something peppermint but I am getting a tad intimated at the amount of cooking I have lined up. I'm thinking about a peppermint cheesecake from Trader's Joe. But then again it maybe too much. Maybe I'll just grab a cheese plate from somewhere. We always end up with way too many sweet things at my mom's house.


Jess said...

Wow, sounds like you'll have lots of fun cooking to do! Everything sounds delicious.

(I hate grapefruit too!)

neverneutral said...

Yes, you always make me so hungry! (for food, for life).

Lolabola said...

you don't like grapefruit? I crave it alllll the time (and especially when hungover!)