Sunday, December 09, 2007

Sundays Suck

This Sunday is worst than usual. Last night Piper and I created some kind of dominao effect which resulted in a big bottle of water being spilled on my laptop. Right now it is laying on the desk in the study. H turned it on this morning. It did come on but turned off immediately. We'll try again later this afternoon. Everything is on that laptop. All my thesis notes, the start of my Foucault paper. I really almost cried last night. Thank god I don't great soda.

Now if that wasn't bad enough I have to finish my Foucault paper which is, you guessed it, on the wet laptop. I told my professor I'd send it out Monday. Even if my laptop is working, I'll not have the paper ready. I think I can finish it today (if said laptop actually decided to work) and edit it tomorrow and Tuesday. No not much time to edit. I don't know what happened this semester. It really was like one minute I woke up and it was December. It took me so long to get into the rhytym of school. Normally I have all papers done at this point, and am editing. This semester all I had to write was thesis proposal and a ten page paper. And there is a price to pay. I will be writing my thesis over my winter break. So fun. So relaxing.

In other mundania type news, I reached my goal in WW. What this means is that once I maintain that weight for six weeks I get lifetime. Lifetime means that I don't have to pay for meetings if I keep my goal weight. And my goal weight isn't tiney I assure you but it's a lot smaller than I was two years. Since the moment when I could really feel my body falling apart two years ago, I've lost a totaly of 54 lbs. and 8 inches of my waist. My body feels better. I feel stronger. All of which does make feel more confident. I'm also a weight I feel I can maintain. I think if you set your mind on a weight that is too small you end up not being able to either get there or to maintain once you're there.


MTP said...

That sucks about your computer! Jess and I have many nightmares about this happening. Sometimes you just have to let the computer dry out before it will come back on. Luckily, depending on how much was spilled, water on the laptop is unlikely to have damaged the hard drive (fingers crossed). If H has a laptop you could just swap the drives, get the files you need, and swap them back until it dries. Another option is getting a 2.5 inch bay for the drive, and getting the data off of it that way. Anyway, good luck with it!

Ginger said...

Luckily it dried without any ill effects. Of course in my frantic attempt to save the paper in case anything was wrong, I deleted the paper:( So my work today was spent trying to redo what I did yesterday. But at least the laptop is safe!

MTP said...

Great news! I'm glad your laptop was safe. Are you sure you can't get the paper back (it didn't end up in the trash or recycle bin?). It's good you have your computer back. Good luck on your paper!

Ginger said...

I suspect there would have been a way to the paper back but when I left I had spent over an hour trying. It wasn't in the recycle bin because what I did was save a blank documnet to replace the paper (thought I was saving the paper to my travel drive...).

But it's all good. I churned out six pages yesterday, and it looks like I can finish today. And I think what I wrote may be better.