Sunday, December 09, 2007

Titles For Poems Never Written

I'm not a poet but I do come up with these titles that I think would wonderful headline poems. I have actually tried a few times to write poems to go with the titles but they were awful.

Here's a couple of my favorites, complete with origin stories.

"Sean Meets the Devil in Old Port."

My friend...Sean....once told me this story about meeting someone he was determinded was Satan in Portland's Old Port. It was a great story, and I think would make a wonderful poem. And yeah I did try but I just couldn't do it.

"Drunk Mexican Archaleogists."

This story is amazingly convulted. It invovled H and I talking tonight about various things. First, H wanted to know if I remembered a movie where someone painted eyes on their eyelids so that it looked like they had thier eyes open when their eyes were closed. I couldnt' remember that but I did remember the girl in Indiana Jones who wrote "I love you" on her eyelids. This lead to a conversation about wanting to be an archelogists when we were little. H was trying to tell me a story about some hills around one of the places where he lived in Mexico. I kept interpretting with "Oh was there some digs going on? Was everyone drunk?" This came because one of my fav. undergrad profs. Dr. O always cracked jokes about drunk arachelogists. Not sure what this poem would look like.

If I think of some more, I'll throw them up.

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