Monday, December 10, 2007

Xmas Pictures

I thought my dear readers would get a kick out of my attempts at a good xmas picture of the kids. H thinks it's hilarious. Every year I attempt to get them to pose. It's always a mess. Whenever people tell me I should model them, I laugh. Yeah right. I'd like to meet the photographer who could pose these kids.

Perfect except for Camille who is looking at her fav. peron on earth....H.

Nearly there but Umberto has what H refered to last night as a "duck face." Plus there's something wrong with Camille looking demur.

Okay not demur now. This is defintely typical of our kids but Piper's look of adoration for U. kind of ruins it for an xmas card picture.

PERFECT! But umm...we're missing a kid....

This is the one we used. They're all looking at the camera, and they look like themselves. I do try to avoid the GAP picture.


Lolabola said...

your kids have the best smiles!

Horacio said...

our children seem to live in a perpetual altered state

getting ready for christmas just makes them crazier, more hyper but also funnier (and even cuter, just like their mama ;)

Lolabola said...

I hope you don't mean cuter than this! we don't want the universe to implode or anything.

John B-R said...

All this happiness in one house? What's your recipe?

Ginger said...

Lolabola...the cutenest happens so that we won't eat them when they're bad.

John b-r: the recepie is simple...I don't take pictures of the whining, crying, or tantrums;P But really I think it's just that we're all crazy about each other no matter how annoyed or cranky we all get. Plus H is super mellow. He's mellowing us all out.