Saturday, January 19, 2008


I have been cooking, and I've also been rediscovering food as pleasure. It never really went away on WW but it definitely took a back seat to points value. I'll admit to a tad of the homemade peanut butter fudge someone brought in, and Cape Cod chips. But after a week of methodically eating through my "forbidden food" list, I began to long for more whole food type things. I had cherries yesterday morning, and they were fabulous. Tart and sweet on the tongue. I love the way the skin crunches between your teeth, and then the juice against your tongue. And the blood oranges I bought were sweet as well. There is nothing worst than a bad orange. All the work to get to the fruit just have to leave it a bad taste in your mouth. But these oranges were perfect...not too sweet but very juicy. I love the color as do the kids.

Last night I made a quinoa pineapple stir fry from the Veganomicon. We decided to make quinoa once a week as we love it and it is so good for you being a complete protein and all. This of course means stockpiling a large number of recipes. This is a definite keeper. First, the quinoa is made in half water/half pineapple juice which not tastes great but smells wonderful. The stir fry itself was delicious with red peppers, onions, garlic, edamande and ginger all smothered in a yummy sauce of soy sauce, vegetable broth, and rice wine. Add to this chunks of pineapple and cashews, and pure eating heaven ensued.


Erica said...

Interesting! I never thought I could do that with quinoa. I don't use it anymore, but it's good to know.

I used to make breads and cookies with quinoa flour when I was in the States and had to change my diet radically for a year.

Ginger said...

I haven't tried quiona I will.

We're vegetarians so anything that's a complete protein gets a lot of use around here. Plus I really love the taste of quiona. I can't eat it plain but when mixed with veggies it's really good.

Erica said...

If you use quinoa flour, for every cup of flour substitute 1/4 with quinoa flour. You can also use amaranto flour, which is also very high in protein.

Jon said...

All this talk about food makes me hungry!

I tried to find the Veganomicon in our local bookstore (read chain bookstore as there isn't an independent one this side of Brighton), and found there were indeed no vegan cookbooks in there. At all. A couple of vegetarian ones, mixed in the healthy eating (1/2) shelf.

And as for Quinoa - I don't think I've ever seen it in this town. Do you just use it like couscous? What is it - some sort of grain? Can you eat it on a gluten free diet?

All the pictures of food you post look so gooood...

Ginger said...

It would appear that quiona is indeed good for a gluten free diet. It is a grain with a taste somewhere between rice and coucous. I don't care for it plain but love it in various dishes like stirfries, stews, and salads. You can use it like couscous but it doesn't cook as fast but it does cook faster tha rice. Quiona is an Inca grain native to South America so I'm not sure about if you could find it or not.

As for cookbooks, the one I use is pretty big in the U.S. I mean they have it here in the South the land of pork LOL. But when I first became a vegetarian it was really hard to find decent cookbooks. I had these old ones that some hippie friends gave to me.

You need to come visit, and I'll cook for you.