Friday, January 11, 2008

Going Home

Flight Itinerary

Depart 9:30 AM 03 Jun 2008

From Charlotte, NC
To Mexico City, Mexico
Arrive 12:20 PM 03 Jun 2008 Meal: Buy on Board

Class: Coach

Depart: 1:15 PM 22 Jul 2008
From: Mexico City, Mexico
To: Charlotte, NC
Arrive: 5:56 PM 22 Jul 2008
Meal: Buy on Board

Class: Coach

I bought our tickets tonight. I know I had to do it now or we'd find a million reasons to spend the money and not go. We're going home after almost seven years away. We showed the kids pictures of some of our favorite places, and I felt my heart kind of lift up. The D. F. is my home at least in spirit. It is the place I feel the most longing for.

And it is not the kind of romantic longing where everything is better: I remember the smell (chorline like on teh most polluted days), the way the smog crawls up into your nostrils, the povertry, the danger. But I also remember the beauty, the life that is so out there in the streets, the buildings, the coffee. And we will be with our family, and indeed H's family feels like my family now.

In five short months, we will be boarding a plane to bring our family to our home. The girls have never been to their other country. We will make them citizens when we go. And Umberto, well he was a baby. This is the first visit he will remember. H and I have already begun to plan all the things we want to show them. This is a part of show your children your world, and watch as they remake that world in their own way.

And of course this visit will be bittersweet. Mexico is not our home anymore. And we will be going to and leaving Mexico without a home. Before we leave our things will be in storage. And when we return...well at this point we have no idea. It is strange to have something so concrete planned when the future is hazy. And of course it is bittersweet for H as things have changed so much. This is the place of his birth yet there is much that he won't recognize or at least that is his assumption.

Mexico here we come...


neverneutral said...

Wow. Cool!

Erica said...

Wow! Seven years you! That's a lot!

Well, you'll be here in Mexico in the summer and we'll be going to the States for 6 weeks so I can work on my dissertation.

Note: It's WAY easier if you go to a Mexican Consulate there in the US to make your daughters citizens.

Ginger said...

Where will you be going in the states Erica?

Yeah I know about the consulate. H and I talked about it this morning. We'll have to pay a visit to Atlanta soon.

Adela said...

Wow! This is great news!

Erica said...

Well, if the nearest consulate is in Atlanta, then maybe you can try first in Mexico City. But do call them to find out what documentation you'll need since your children are older than a year old.

One thing I know is that you have to bring the birth certificates NOTARIZED and I think, not sure about this one, that it also has to have an apostille.

The birth certificates should have the hour of birth, the doctor's name, etc. Those birth certificates are "tamaƱo carta."

I'll be in Florida. In Gainesville. Not 100% sure yet, but it's very likely.

Ginger said...

Yeah we had issues with Umberto in terms of nortaried as they don't usually notarize birth certificates in the U. S. The raised embossed seal is what they use. Do you know if the consulate requires this as well?

Erica said...

No, in the Consulate you just need the birth certificate as it is. That's part of the reason why it is easier. But you do need to ask for the one with all the info.

Erica said...

I meant, you need to bring the birth certificate that has all the information about your daughters' birth.