Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Now After Our Scheduled Interruption

Okay so it wasn't scheduled. But I'm baaack. Basically, I felt like I was spending too much time on my blog and not enough time on my thesis. I told H I was taking a week off, and he said "Oh there's no way you can do that." This lead to a friendly wager. Which I won. But it didn't help me work on my thesis because I ended up reading blogs. Sigh. It's so an addiction.

Anyway I am back. I have to TA today...need to hit the shower soon. I have, naturally, a ton to write about. But for now some brief updates:

I am running. I found that the program was a bit too easy at the early levels so I upped. Yesterday I ran on a beautiful greenway through the woods for a half hour. I'm doing 2 minutes intevals of running/walking. I'm slow but consistent. It feels good, and I'm enjoying it.

I quit WW but that's a whole other post.

Yesterday I bought a new set of Kitchen Aid knifes that were half off!!!! And I now have a beautiful red crock pot on my kitchen counter. I am anticpating lots of yumminess soon.


Horacio said...

I still can't believe you won!

Lolabola said...

I keep thinking that's a photo of a yellow vinyl record that's melted a bit and taken from a strange angle.

I've done that running program before. I really liked it too.

Also if that photo 2 posts after this is of your current weather, I'm super super jealous.

Erica said...

Glad to see you're back!

Jess said...

Glad that you're back! :)