Monday, January 21, 2008

Something to Read While You Look

I've been posting a lot of pictures lately and not much writing. I'm not feeling inspired to be honest. John B-R's (as he's know very affectionately around our home) created a poem that I can seem to shake. I hear the opening lines at the most random moments, and found myself doodling them in the middle of class last week. Yet when I tried to write based on this inspiration, I created some rather mediocre and not really worthy of what I was feeling. I've been attempting to create something visual (stealing from E's project) and that's coming a long a bit better. Of course I'm spending an absurd amount of time on Adobe Photoshop.

Why absurd you may ask? Well I am supposed to have a completed thesis of about 100 pages ready by April 17. And I'm afraid that the writing in that area feels totally uninspired as well. I've been thinking of all kinds of crafty things to learn that would involve me not working on said thesis: sewing, knitting, etc, and now the Adobe thing. H just shock his head when I bought over a pile of craft books at B & N the other night. "Um maybe you should just focus on your thesis." he suggested, unhelpfully. Needless to say he's right, and I have promised my adviser an intro and history bit by the end of this month. So yes, I suppose I should start writing. But really I just want to take pictures, learn to knit, and snuggle with my babies.

My TA position this semester is nice. The prof. is a great guy if a tad scattered. The subject area is something I know nothing about so it's fun to be in the class. And I'll be teaching a couple of classes (gasp!). In fact, my first class is coming right up: heretics. I love heretics. And then I'll do a class on Christianity and socioeconomic movements (I know a disturbing amount of stuff about prosperity gospel). The classes are huge but my correcting duties are not too bad.

I am still a fat girl running. I'm on week four of the training program but I've modified it a bit. I basically have been starting out with running for two minutes, and then walking for two (after a five minute brisk walk warm up which I also conclude with). By half way through, I can run for three or four minutes with a two minute walk between, and at the end I usually finish with a five minute run but the last two times I've done this, my knees have started to hurt. I always stop running the moment I feel knee pain and so far no pain after running. I'm hoping to do three minutes at the start with five in the middle to the end.

I'm also a fat girl not dieting anymore. I still feel liberated. Hell, I feel great. My friend MTP wrote an excellent post about sad food which has me thinking about diet food and how even the preparation was sad for me. I have to think about this one a bit more but I suspect it will be a post soon.

In other yucky news, I have a root canal at two today:( And no news from UNC which I didn't really except to have at this point until a prof. asked me all excited "Have you heard anything?" And since he attended UNC I thought maybe he had some inside know or something. I guess not:)


John B-R said...

I hope the root canal wasn't too bad. As for the rest, you sound blissfully in love with your life right now, which is great to hear.

Ginger said...

I was supposed to have two root canals and ended up having none! Whoo hoo. They ended up being catavities, and she did an awesome job. I cried a little bit when she showed me my "new smile."

neverneutral said...

I want a tee shirt that says

I HEART Fat Girls Running

neverneutral said...

(I am a fat lad running)

Ginger said...

I'd love a tee shirt that said that as well LOL. I keep saying it would be a great bumper sticker. I was tempted for a few insane seconds to change my blog to "Fat Girl Running" but I'm GTG now:)

Erica said...

Great to hear that you visit to the dentist was such a success.

I have to go find a dentist myself (don't know any in this city)because one of my fillings fell off Saturday night.