Thursday, March 27, 2008


I need another time consuming hobby like a hole in the head. You know I'm crunched for time: thesis, homeschooling, finishing up course work, TAing thus it was apparent that I needed yet another thing to occupy my mind, and my hands. Oh yeah and let's make that a hobby that has the potential to become very very expensive.

I've been wanting to knit for awhile. My mom started to teach me when Umberto was a baby, and I seemed to catch on fairly quick. I found a book called Anticraft (and there's a blog). There were many things that I just had to be able to make. So I picked up Stitch and Bitch at the library, and preceded to teach myself to knit.

Now I'm not really great at it. I've had to redo about a hundred stitches. And then what I've finished ends up looking awful. There's a lot of holes not because of dropped stitches but I think because the stitches were too loose. But I managed to finish these two pieces:

Camille thought they made great My Little Pony blankets, and kept swiping them from the desk.

But I turned them into this:

It's kind of ugly, and you can see my way loose stitches. And my sewing is horrid.
But...Piper loves it. And really that's what it's all about right? And as an added bonus it is my very first knitting project and someone loves it.

And another bonus is that Umberto wants to learn to knit.


Ros said...

Muahahahaha, you have been sucked into the evil knitting addiction, welcome to the 18th circle of hell. Rita & I needed the company. Nah, let me copy Dr. Seuss and say, Oh the placed you'll go with this knitting! Back when I was in undergrad & knitting all the time, my roomies would say that I could knit anything -- a horse, a chair. I just found The Knitting Answer Book by Margaret Radcliffe on the new book shelf at my library -- it's a great reference with good drawings. You could always ask for leftover yarn on Freecycle. And go check out Kaffe Fassett books to see where knitting can take you.

Lolabola said...

love that first pic. so good.

what an awesome little creation and look at Piper's face. So great!

am trying very hard to stay away from the knitting possibility. must keep addictive personality at bay....

Lolabola said...

oh also, if memory serves, when I used to knit the stitches always became tighter and tighter until they were virtually stuck on the needles and the rectangular 'scarf' or what have you looked more like a triangle.

John B-R said...

omigod omigod omigod, another knitter! The women in my family are fanatics. In fact we're going on a "knitting crusise" in May put one by a group called Sea Socks. Why am I going? Because the ship is bound for Alaska! They will knit, I will write ... next year you (and everyone else listening, any friend of Ginger's a beloved of mine) gotta come along ... H, if you're listening, maybe we can collaborate on something while they stitch and stitch and stitch ...

Jess said...

Yay knitting!! It is expensive and addictive and time-consuming, but it's awesome! And I think your first project is great--as does Piper, I can see :).

Ginger said...

Hey all...yeah to the addictive. I've been consumed with it all weekend. I made another animal, and a goth moth (I suck at increasing).

Oh and expenisve...I made the mistake of going into the local yarn store...luckily I picked up two rolls of ribbon yarn on sale. But there was lots that I loved.

Ros, the next Baltimore trip will find H and you watching all the kids while Rita and I totally hit up the yarn store;P

John B-R. See you next cruise.

Lola...don't go there LOL. I sucked my mom back in in one day. She's nearly finished a tank top for Piper (!!!!)

Horacio said...

John, you can count me in for that knitting cruise thing! i'd love to drink a margarita on the deck in alaska.