Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Playing Tag

My dear friend Fat Lady tagged me. Basically you have to list five things that people don't know about you. I've done this before...and even then I don't think it was too revealing:) But hey I figure someone out there doesn't know much about me, and didn't bother going through the archives.

1. I consistently myself as fat and ugly no matter how much evidence I have to the contrary. I used to think the ugly was connected to the fat but then I lost the fat, like really lost it, and still felt ugly. Now I'm fat again cause I figured why not eat if I was going to feel the same way?

2. I am a wimp. People don't believe this but I have a real hard time speaking up for myself. Thus I tend to get bullied by people like my professors.

3. All my early crushes were on characters in book. There was one exception: Harrison Ford. Man I LOVED him when I was like 10. I wrote a letter to his fan club, and got an autographed picture of him in his Indiana Jones outfit. I was THRILLED! But everyone else were book characters. I developed an intense fantasy world that revolved around people who lived in books.

4. There is a part of me that wishes I could be a real Stay At Home mom.

5. I am totally terrified of my sexuality.

I have to tag five others: Lolabola, Ernesto, Jessica, Matt, and of course the love of my life, Horacio.


Erica said...

I´m right there with you in 2 points:

1)I´m fat and ugly. I´ve gained again ALL the fat I had lost a couple of years ago and of course I feel uglier than ever. It hit me just yesterday when I went to buy some clothes and saw my complete self in front of the mirror. Awful!

2) A part of me wishes I could be a stay at home mom, too. But right now I HAVE to work and when I dind´t have to, the ghost of my dissertation (which is still a proyect) wouldn´t leave me alone.

Jennifer Lucas said...

I think you are fantastic and brave. You and your family continue to be inspiring to me and and one of the coolest families I "almost" know.
Jen L.

The Bear Maiden said...

I enjoy these "tags" cuz I love learning about people.

I'm sorry that you have that self-image. Not sorry as in "Oh you poor thing" and not condescending sorry, but sorry like, wow... I wish you saw the beauty in you that I see in you. That quite obviously, Horacio sees in you. Ginger, you are truly truly beautiful, both physically, spiritually and mentally. Your love and the one you love are beautiful, your pictures are beautiful, the way you write is beautiful and those kids, lol... those kids are some of the most beautiful I've ever seen... and that's partially cuz they look like you! One day I hope to add you to the list of people from my Online world who crossover into the reallife world....

Ginger said...

Hell yeah Bear Maiden we have to meet. That's just a given:)

Erica, I honestly don't think we're fat and ugly. I think we let ourselves get into tht kind of thinking. Okay I'm fat for sure LOL but I don't honestly think it makes me ugly.

And Bear Maiden, it does suck. But to be honest, I struggle with it more on some days than others. When I wrote my tag out, I was having a bad day with it all. I need to go buy some clothes that flatter and fit my fat body;P

Erica said...

yeah, I know. But sometimes I can´t help feeling that way.

Ginger said...

Hell girlfriend, I feel the same way. I struggle everyday with feeling like crap about myself. I'm trying very hard to not beat myself up mentally!!!

Ernesto said...

Coño, pero si ustedes dos son hermosísimas, mujeres. Estoy seguro que Diego y Horacio estarán de acuerdo conmigo.