Sunday, May 25, 2008

Ginger aka Editor From Hell

Now that I've given all the writers horrible nightmares (just think I could be your editor), I'll explain why I cut. First, I was concerned that I was being racist. Second, I wasn't fully getting across what I wanted to say. To be honest, writing about this trip is very hard. I've been wanting to do it for years but have always hated everything that came from that particular creative exploration. This trip was pivotal in my life as it was the moment when I began to lose my religion and it was also the moment I began to think about colonization and what it meant to be white in such a world. But basically there was something that nagged at me all day about the post, and when I came back, I felt that I had to delete some of it.

Other news: we leave for Mexico in 9 DAYS. And you know what I did yesterday? I hung with friends K and D. I ate Thai at the most fab. restaurant, Thai Orchid. For some inexpiable reason we had never heard of this place, and they have pineapple fried rice which was like heaven in each tiny bite. Yum. Then I went to B and N with H, the girls, and friend D where we sat until 11 talking to each other and Zeth, the coolest bookseller in Charlotte. But did I do any packing? No. And now I only have NINE FUCKING DAYS to pack my house, clean the walls, wash the floors, clean windows, and move all our shit into storage. My mom wants us to move in with her on Friday so she can have the weekend with us (works since we have to be out by Saturday). Oh and I really need to hammer out my history and introduction the thesis to send to Sean before I leave. Sigh.

But I'll try to keep posting...of course I will I am an addict...but hey it's good for me right?!

The blog editing could have been much worst. H reminded me that two years ago I deleted this entire blog. Green Tea Ginger ceased to exist for about a week. Not that anyone was reading at the time but still it was light that went out;P


Yellowbird said...

I always walk away from a post thinking the way I wrote it betrays an underlying racism or snootiness or some other such horrible thing which is so deep-seated I don't even realise I'm like that. Maybe it's all part of putting incomplete thoughts and feelings into words.?

And I empathise with the putting off of the packing - I'm terrible for that!

Enjoying your concert reviews!

Ginger As in Green Tea... said...

Yup that's what I do! I worry all day about what I wrote, so afraid that I offended someone. And I am hyper conscious about being racist...I think some because I have meet so many racist people lately who have no CLUE they're racist. I start to think..."Oh man am I like that!?"

Can't wait to hear about the Cure!