Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dropping In

Well the hifi did exist but not in our room:( The one evening I went to use, I very foolishly left my wallet in the lobby where it was stolen. It is indeed E very hard to be a blogger in Mexico. My respect to the many, many who do so.

I have uploaded a few photos but not nearly as many as I have taken. But I promise to make an effort to hit up some internet cafes when we get back.

There will be a much longer post later about Veracruz but we did have a good time minus the wallet episode!

Keep your eyes on my flickr site for photos, photos, and more photos.


Ernesto Priego said...

Oh man, sorry about the wallet! I lost my wallet the morning I arrived in Paris last time. With everything in it. Lovely. Hope you find consolation in the thought you are not the only one...

John B-R said...

It may be brain-dead obvious by how do I get to yr flickr site?

Ginger As in Green Tea... said...

I´ll try to change the badge to my flickr site, or maybe just post a link. There´s not many up right now..and it´s going to take forever with all the photos I´ve taken:)

Thanks E. I just feel so stupid for leaving my wallet in the lobby. This is not the first time I´ve lost my wallet.