Monday, June 02, 2008

I Live

Sorry to my loyal readers. We spent the weekend moving and cleaning. Thankfully my mom took the kids. It was pretty hellish and took much longer than we thought. My friend D (thank you! We love you!) helped us move the bigger items, and even helped me wipe down the kitchen. But we've crammed everything into a storage shed, and we fly out to Mexico tomorrow.

We've been with my mom since Friday night. She has slow, slow Internet connection and no wireless (her house is like the black hole for electronic signals). This means less blogging for us. Strangely it has been nice although I've missed hearing from all of you. H said he feels a bit like he's free. I don't know if I feel quite that strongly but the few days off made realize that I spend too much aimless time on the Internet. It's yet another compulsion, I think.

And weight stuff...well I did sort of cave and try to diet but that quickly fell away. I was too busy to log in everything I ate, and I started having those fantasies of what I would do when I was thin. And I spent hours caculating how much I could lose in various amounts of time. It sucked up what little bit of energy I had after packing all day. I don't want to be a slave to writing down everything I eat for the rest of my life. And it does little to help me with what's really at the root of my dysfunctional relationship with food. I have a lot to say about this, and about compulsion but I don't have time right now. We have a lot to do before heading flying away tomorrow. But I will be posting from Mexico, and hopefully I'll have Umberto's website up tonight.

I can hear the kids tearing apart my mom's living room so must run!


Erica said...

I also realized how much time I waste online when we went on vacations during Spring break and didn't have an Internet connection there. But haven't done anything about it.

But now that we are going to the States, so I can work on my dissertation (well I'm going to refresh my memory and reorganize and restructure my proposal), I've been seriously thinking that I HAVE to limit my time online to be able to work on what I'm supposed to work.

I should getting online already, because we're leaving in 12 days and I still have tons of things to do and get ready for our trip...

I need "fuerza de voluntad."

Have a safe trip!

Lolabola* said...

I hope the flight is good and you find fast internet and give up your newfound freedom soon.