Friday, September 12, 2008


After a long summer, I am finally really connected to the Internet. And I am in my own space with utilities! Right now there are still many boxes piled in the dining room but most of our stuff is out. Books are definitely out and on the shelves. My kitchen was the first room done because it is vital for me to have a fully functional kitchen. The kids' room was next as it seemed important for them to have some stability. Our room will be done this weekend, and the attic rooms are covered in toys but hopefully will be organized by Sunday. I am still in love though, and being in this space only makes me feel more like I am finally home. Of course I have these acute moments when I feel totally out of place as if I am only playing at house. For some reason these feelings are stronger in this place. I am not dealing well with being a grown up:)

And mingled with all this joy of having space finally, and making that space more and more us, I am stressed. I still have a thesis to write. I am teaching my own class this semester. H finds totally submerged into this job. The kids are in school yes but this means lots of volunteering, running them back and forth, and dealing with a very lonely Piper. I'm afraid my blog is becoming a casualty of this stress.

But things will calm down. I have faith. There is so much to write about...stories from my past, notes from my reading, and of course, the political situation in the U.S.

Right now I find myself deeply disappointed in the political situation. I was listening on NPR to a woman who had once supported H. Clinton rallying for Palin, and I felt sick to my stomach. Having a vagina does not make one a feminist. Palin is a far right conservative, who supports taking choice away from woman, bans books from libraries, and use cronyism to fire people she doesn't like. She has very little experience, to the point where she has never left the country. Her own support of abstinence in sex education obviously didn't work so hot in her own family. I'm just stunned that McCain would pick someone that totally alienates anyone with a liberal bent. While I wasn't so hot on Obama's choice of Biden, I could totally see that it was a choice towards the middle.

But right now I have to shower, load kids up in the car, and head to school where I'll be energized by singing silly songs with Mr. Artie.


Jess said...

Congratulations on the new place, it sounds like you're doing a great job unpacking. I TOTALLY agree about Palin. The thought that Hillary Clinton supporters, or other Democratic/liberal women would (should?) support her merely because she's female despite her far right politics drives me crazy. ARGH! I just don't understand.

John B-R said...

Welcome back. And welcome to your new home. Even if it takes a while to be fully home there. Can you wake from asound sleep and find the bathroom in the dark on the first try? That's a sign that the unheimlich is becoming heimlich ...

As for USA politics, well, it's just our turn to play the succession of stupid emperors game. Doesn't that happen to every empire?

As for Palin, remember these two quotes: "There's a sucker born every minute." "No one every went broke underestimating the taste of the American people."

Most of all, welcome back.