Sunday, September 21, 2008

Obama Rally

More on politics later. I want to write a thoughtful post but have loads of correcting and reading to do. Bottom line: we went to an Obama rally today. Umberto is crazy about Obama and we had a chance to see and hear him talk so we went. Here's some of the pictures:
This is about half of the line at 10:30 (they started letting people into the rally area at 11).

Us walking...the line is still three blocks away!

Waiting in line...initially they were awesome and excited;P
Some other participants walking to the end (very far away) of the line.

'Cause you know that Obama supporters are all going to hell. I figure vote for Obama to annoy the Jesus people. Of course this is nothing on them later when they hauled their "aborted baby" pictures out and yelled "Obama serves Satan!" H and I are planning a protest when McCain/Palin of dead children from U.S. bombs along with photos of the animals killed and skinned by Palin. H thinks we should chant "McCain serves Satan!"
Dragons for Obama!

The crowd...we were right in the middle so we couldn't see crap but it was cool to be around so many excited, energized people. Umberto in the crowd...waiting not so patiently for Obama.

Camille cheering with the crowd.

Umberto's picture of the man. This picture has such a cool story. I was holding up Umberto but I was still too short to get Umberto over the heads of the crowd. Add to this that the kid weights like 60 something pounds, and we weren't having much luck. I kept having to put him down . One tall guy was holding up his teenage daughter, and when done, turned to me: "Does he want to see Obama?" I said yes, and he lifted up Umberto , and then the guy next to me helped him so that Umberto was basically sitting on their hands. They held him up until he got his picture. Umberto was glowing!

The line as we were LEAVING the rally. It was still about a mile long, and he was half way into his speech.


The Bear Maiden said...

Wow, Chickie that's amazing and heartwarming. I'm so glad you got to see him... well, Umberto did, lol.

I hope we can pull this Hope/Change thing off... the Other Side is pulling ahead and it's distressing me. We need change...

As usual, I have to note your kids are beautiful. And Camille is you with dusky skin and darker hair :).

Ginger As in Green Tea... said...

Camille totally looks more like me these days.

Yes it was awesome and heartwarming. There so many ethnic groups there together. And Umberto was so overjoyed. I would have loved to have seen him but was happy to hear him.

I'm actually volunteering which is a first for me. I really believe strongly we NEED him there not McCain/Palin. Shudder.

John B-R said...

Well, we certainly don't need McCain/Palin! You Go, Ginger. Too bad you can't get Obama to use your kids in an ad. He'd win for sure.

It's so interesting to watch this play out from California. I feel sorta helpless. Obama's got Cali so locked up the rest of the country seems like a mysterious elsewhere ...

Ginger As in Green Tea... said...

LOL John B-R.We were hoping we might get a chance to shake hands or something cause we are so the demographic he needs...Hispanic male/white female. But oh well...

Yeah I bet it's totally strange there. Here's there is a ton of fear that McCain and Palin are going to carry teh election. He's pulled workers from ATL to NC in an attempt to win this state. I had workers BEGGING me to volunteer. I'm finding really really scared. I thought the McCain Palin thing was a load of hype because hell they're both freakin' nuts.

John B-R said...

They are freakin' nuts, as you say. And there's lots of fear here, too, that half the rest of the country is also nuts. McCain/Palin do bother me. But what bothers me more is that at least 15% of Demos won't vote for Obama 'cause he's black. And that half my "fellow citizens" would even consider M/P after 8 years of Bush.

I should note that I'm not all that hopeful about "change" and all that stuff, even if Obama wins. But he gets my vote; the alternative is nightmare and disaster.

Ginger As in Green Tea... said...

My feelings right down to the letter. I told H that if Obama lost because of race and that from the Democrats, I would quit the party. I only joined because of a desire to choice the lesser evil. And I am finding myself increasingly alienated from the Republicians I know (friends and family) over McCain. The guy is a creep on so many levels.

As for Obama...I am tryign to be hopeful. I need to be I guess. His image alone I think would mean a lot for this country.

Adela said...

This is encouraging!! It's great to see the turn-out and to read about the excitement. U's photo is fantastic!!!!

I would say no to adopting the vocabulary of the loons. The photos sound like an EXCELLENT counter-attack!

Ernesto Priego said...

I just can't understand how the most economically developed nation on Earth can still have people who a) wouldn't vote for a candidate solely because of her skin color and b) uses "religion" as an argument not to vote for someone. I just don't get it.

Do these people really think that Obama supporters are sinners? How can anyone even consider McCain/Palin as an option? How can you leave world-important decisions on the hands of someone who just got her passport last year?

I guess my mistake lies in thinking that an economically-developed nation should be less ignorant.

Ginger As in Green Tea... said...

It's sad but yes ignorance prevails. The good news is that with the recent economic problems, Obama is pulling ahead in the polls. Hurrah!

The bad news is that the economy sucks ass in a big way. We're starting to feel it here.

E, I don't think most people vote according to religious beliefs. There were a lot of polls after W's second win, that the whole religious right thing was a gross exageration. I'll see if i can scare them up. I think that liberals realy love to play off that fear. The protestors were such a small minority compared to Obama's supportered...really small as in there were maybe 10 of them and 20, 000 of us.

What scares me is that people think Palin is a downhome girl...just like us. Yeah a white, racist, psycho, religious freak, us....