Monday, October 27, 2008


North Carolina has finally been touched with coldness. Today, I woke up to three snuggley bodies curled about me, blankets pulled up to our chins, limbs interlinked. This is something I missed from our homeschooling days. Waking up to cozy warmness generated by three tiny bodies. Now we have few of these kinds of mornings.
Even now as we creep towards the early afternoon, it is still cold. The sun disappears, periodically, behind rather ominous gray clouds. And my feet are cold from walking barefoot across hard wood floors. Soon though we all be warmed from the dryer busily at work, and the oven making supper. Tonight I want to figure out my gas fireplace, make smores, and sit snuggled in blankets. Instead I will be teaching, working on my thesis, and buying emergency milk at Trader Joe's. Perhaps I will get some snuggle time in after all my chores...
Yesterday we spent a chilly but nice afternoon walking to NODA, and enjoying an oatmeal porter.

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