Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ginger's Totally Fab to Do List

It's that time of year when I must bring out the "to do" lists. I've had a very lazy least academically. It's been quite hard to motivate myself to do anything. But making a commitment to write here as helped me to ease my way back into academic writing, and to perhaps conquer my thesis.

1. Sew Camille's princess outfit for her class party tomorrow. Also need to get a stick for her Mexican hobby horse, and design a horn for it as Camille insists she must be "a princess riding a unicorn."

2. Buy glittery make up for Camille and me! I love glittery makeup and with my new glittery black fairy wings, I MUST have glittery make-up.

3. Buy a coat for Umberto as he has managed in the last two weeks to lose both his sweatshirt and his fleece.

4. Buy an Indian feast from Trader Joe's.

5. Finish reading an article on Buddhist/Christian integration.

6. Finish reading Edward Said, and get more Spivak articles. She is so difficult to read yet her thoughts are so provoking and interesting.

7. Finish Cortez's Letters from Mexico.

8. Rewrite my thesis introduction. Look over the chapter I wrote so many months ago, and see if I dare send to new improved adviser.

9. Find time to help the kids' extra fab. music teacher run an Obama table on Saturday.

10. No facebook tonight. Just lots of cuddle time with adorable children and sexy wonderful husband.

11. Breathe. Look at the fall leaves, and enjoy the beauty of that endings bring.

12. Go to the ever fab. Amber's house for Halloween feasting and celebration (tomorrow night).

13. Vote.

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