Saturday, November 01, 2008

Doing a Small Part for Change

How can you not vote for change when you see a face like that? Seriously.

First, sorry about the awkward half-video on the side bar. I couldn't figure out how to embed it a post. It's worth listening to no matter the awkwardness. Williams is a gifted poet, and his words capture so much of what I've been feeling about this election.

Second, we went canvassing for the campaign today. We weren't intending on doing so...we arrived at the station thinking we'd sit at a table or something with the kids' music teacher. We waited around a bit and he didn't show up. We had already signed up so we figured what the hell, we'll go out. It was amazing. The few people who were home were pumped. Many had already voted, and those who hadn't had plans for Tuesday. But the best part was a "wrong address" hit. The guy had just moved down to Charlotte, and didn't realize today he was the last day that he could register at the polls. We gave him directions to the nearest early voting station, and as we were leaving, he was leaving to go vote. He made sure we knew he was heading out. Just one person but still it felt like a really big deal. The kids went along with us, and Umberto left fliers on the doors of those who weren't home.

Being in our area's headquarters was an amazing experience as well. There were people of every color in the restaurant (which the owner had shut down until Tuesday so it could be used as a meet up place for Obama supporters). Everyone was friendly, chatting, and united. This is a pretty unusual sight in Charlotte. I made me realize how much this campaign has brought people together. And about how much this campaign is not just about Barak Obama. It is about hope, change, and moving into a new century more united than divided. I felt this surge of faith, and realized that if Obama loses due to dishonesty, the protests will blow this country apart because it will be protest not riots. It will be about people of all colors uniting once again. And if he is elected, it will do a lot to heal the racial scars that our nation has shameful brought upon itself. As I stood there surrounded by all these people, I knew this was the future I wanted for my children.

And we got to see the early voting lines that extended blocks down the road. Today was the last day for early voting in North Carolina, and the turn out was unreal.

Last night as the kids trick or treated with our friends' kids, they all burst into a spontaneous chant of "Obama, Obama!"
We'll be having an election day gathering on Tuesday. Food, drinks, and company as we watch the results come in. I hope to be having a celebration/victory party on Saturday. If "that one" doesn't win, we'll be using Saturday to plan a mass exodus to Mexico or Canada (although the dark side seems to be taking over in these places as well).


Erica said...

Don't tell me that! We were planning an exodus to Canada.

Erica said...

Excellent video!

Adela said...

EXCELLENT! I'm so excited!

We too are starting to talk about moving back to Mexico if McCain-Palin wins. I know the narco is in rule there but somehow eight years of McCain-Palin seem much worse. Canada is just not an option, despite there great health programs, gay marriage laws, etc. It's too far from el suelo en el que hemos nacido.

Ginger As in Green Tea... said...

Oh I can't deal with Canadian cold. I've served my time in cold places:P

And yeah the McCain/Palin presidency just seems a lot to have to deal with you know?

Ernesto Priego said...

So inspiring.

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Ernesto Priego said...

Apologies for deleting your comment on my blog; you left a comment before I had finished editing the post, and I did not intend it to allow comments. Thanks.