Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Umberto and I did our thing at about eight ten this morning (note the "I voted" stickers). I got up at six, and watched as people began to file in across the road. We went over at 6:20 to a small line, discovered the real line was out back, and ended up waiting awhile to actually vote. It was one of those moments when the excitement and tension filled the room. I let Umberto pressed the green confirm vote button. I want him to remember the day we elected the first African-American president in the U.S. YES WE CAN!

For all my U.S. readers, I'm assuming that most of you are voting but if you're on the fence please vote for Obama. Our country needs something new and while we have all become cynical of politics for good reason, Obama represents so much. Even if he does nothing, he will show the world that we can get beyond our racial issues, that we can elect someone with a "foreign last name." And I think he will do important things. Just the fact that he's a lot less war crazed than McCain is big. We have a chance to walk into the future...let's do it.

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Ephémère said...

Si se puede.
Oui, nous pouvons le faire!
Too long in French but still.
I'm sure Umberto will remember all his life that in one of his two (as of yet) countries people can vote AND the vote will be counted accurately.

Un beso