Monday, January 05, 2009

Early Morning

Time: 6:39. I haven't been up this early in two weeks. Despite being in bed by ten I am still tired, and would love nothing more than to curl up under my covers and drift back into dream. Soon the inevitable morning battle will begin....dragging children out of bed, fighting with them to eat breakfast, to get dressed, to brush their teeth, to get into the van. Camille will have a tantrum over some item of clothing doing something she hates. Umberto will complain bitterly about school the entire time. It makes for a tiresome morning. The kind of morning where it feels like a whole day has been lived as opposed to a miserly one hour.

And then once we are on our way, we'll listen to Joy Division. Umberto will scream "Day in, Day out" along with Ian Curtis. It helps him. Then we'll listen APTBS...the kids now like them. First Umberto's song and then mine. By the time we get to school we'll have exorcise our demons about this whole process. And then I'll have to deal with the school...the aftermath of an email gone awry. How people can think that they have a right to be angry over a private email shared without permission is beyond me but it has happened and I hate dropping the kids off. I am afraid they'll face the consequences of the whole situation.

I hate school. I understand how Umberto feels. I miss the lazy mornings where we all got up when we wanted, and then laid around until we were awake enough to function. I miss lazy days at the park, wading in creeks, walking in the woods. I miss park days with other kids...I miss lessons at the dining room table. I miss reading to my beasties. I miss it all. And I find myself a little resentful of school. And yes, Umberto is doing amazing...he's actually reading. Camille is reading as well. But you know I'd do almost anything to have the homeschooling days back.


The Fearless Freak said...

I am not looking for to school starting tomorrow either. I don't have the "email gone awry issue" but pretty much everything else you said is dead on. Someone has a tantrum, someone hates school, etc etc etc. And we aren't reading either which makes it that much worse, especially since despite the fact that he loves math, they have started word problems and since he can't read, he can't do them. :(

Ginger As in Green Tea... said...

Ahh Carrie, that is Umberto's problem in math as well. He gets it but he can't read the problems.

gman's_mom said...

I fell your pain...Just keep ridin' the wave! That's my motto. :)