Friday, February 06, 2009


February is an odd little month. So short. In the South, it is what March/April is to the North. The last two days have been cold. Our poor little old house has not been able to keep the warmth in. We spend lots of time in our attic room, huddled together under piles of blankets with a tiny space heater churning out warm breezes. But tomorrow it is supposed to reach a high of 66 and 68 by Wednesday. We will go out in the park, and bask in the sun knowing that the week after could bring snow, ice or just more cold. We steal those snippets of warmth, and store them away to keep us going through the cold. Already I am longing for summer, long sweaty nights, afternoons so hot you can't really move but rather laze about the pool, or take naps in the cool of the house. I am dreaming already of the little area outside the side door which will hold a patio set. Here we will sip wine with our friends while the kids run around the lawn. 

My life has been swamped with business. A good way to keep the cold at bay. I have edited my thesis...the whole thing, all 128 pages of it. Those who do Facebook no doubt remember my daily updates. I am buried under books--Freud (again), Lacan, Tweed, Bivens---and every spare moment I have is spent reading and reading. But sometimes I have to put those books down and write. 

I have a new toy...I've finally joined the Mac world. I couldn't resist the adorable glowing apple on the front. And I must say I'm quite in love. Once summer comes, I need to persuade E to send me that link to the comic book program but I do not need yet another distraction right now. 

And I am submitting three photos to charity art crawl the kids' school is hosting. A brave step for me.

Music wise...I saw "Fucked Up a couple of weeks ago. Amazing show. I sort of got swept into the mosh pit...on the fringes but enough to get banged around. I need to write a review, and I will soon. The next planned show is March 7 for Morrissey and then March 12 for All the Saints. I think I may need a fix before then though but I"m starting to venture forth into the Charlotte clubs and will likely find something before March.

And I am going to NYC for the weekend. I fly to Baltimore to meet up with my friend Ros, and then we drive to NYC to celebrate the Bear Maiden's birthday. Very excited as it's my first alone vacation in nine years. 

I miss you all, and promise to return in a more solid form soon.


The Fearless Freak said...

Depnding on where you are in the north, Febuary is much the same the here. My birthday is the end of Feb and when I was a kid, my dad always made me steak on the grill for my b-day dinner. I remember one year when I was about 9 that the snow was coming down so hard and the wind was blowing so much that he couldn't get the 20 feet from the backdoor to the garage so he got out the little portable grill and grilled the steak in the kitchen.

The year I turned 16, I wore shorts to get my license and drove home from DMV with the top down on my cute little convertable.

Yesterday, it was -11 when I got up and the low tonight is 37 with highs in the 50s for the next few days. If only we could get the sun to go with it, but I won't complain about the warm rainy weather :)

The Bear Maiden said...

I am SO very excited, and incredibly honored, that you will come spend your first alone vacation to help celebrate my birthday. It's gonna be hellafun.

MTP said...

I was thinking about this short little month today too. I was thinking how much I liked the cold though. I can't believe it will be 66 or 68 there this week, I am so not fit for the south! That's good news about your thesis--you must be close to the finish line.