Saturday, March 07, 2009

More on the Hair Saga

Anyone who reads my blog with any familiarity knows I'm just a tad nuts about my hair. Okay downright vain. This makes find a stylist rather nightmarish. I found a good one last year, and she moved to Atlanta. I was eh to the say the least about the last two stylists so I knew it was time to move to a new salon. I HATE this in the same kind of way I hate dating. And let's face it finding a good stylist is rather like finding a mate.

Anyway, one of my new friends A got her hair done, and it was a great cut. I finally got an appointment with the stylist. Name is Mark. He is awesome. He sat with me, and discussed my hair. Love. And the picked out the colors I wanted combined with what he thought would look good. End result is hair better than what I had imagined. It's trendy but not too trendy. The color is so awesome, I am getting stopped by strangers. I told Mark, he was not allowed to move for at least a year and after that he should consider moving with me to where ever I do my Ph.D. Love at first cut:P
Not sure hot with make up but hey look at the color!!!!


Lynn Griffin-Roberts said...

Your hair looks awesome sister! You go girl...and hang on to Mark! I can so realte to that whole scenario. Too funny! Love the hair! LOVE IT!!!!!!

Ros said...

FAN TAS TIC! You look great!

The Bear Maiden said...

I know what you mean about having the hair done right. It's the one thing I do no matter what else is going on. You go girl. You look hawt :).

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