Friday, March 06, 2009

Peace Before More

I think I, and perhaps my readers, need a break from the stories. The ones coming are all about J, and about S & M. Ultimately also about love, closure, and pain. I don't think I can read about sacrifice or erotic and not have these stories come to the surface. H and I talked some last night about pain, and he wanted to know if tooth pain was sexy to me. This came after my decision to redo my nipple piercing because really I just need a pain fix. When I said "No," we both began to think about the nature of pain, and how it functions in different ways. H thinks pain may be a useless word because it can not cover the range but I think most language is like this. For me, I S & M is really about the ritualized aspect of sex. Sex in this manner is a production, a stage, and yes, a ritual. The pain only works, for me at least, on this stage. To me there was always something utterly beautiful about these moments.Thus as I read more Bastille, I think, I will have to write these tales out. At least you are forewarned. Funny but good theory makes me write.

In other mundane happens, I need to just state that I HATE mornings. I hate being tired, hating getting out of my comfy bed, unwrapping myself from the little limbs, and trudging about getting things ready. Dreadful. Even with coffee mornings suck.

My adviser and another professor nominated me for a teaching award. I almost said no as it involved me having to come up with all kinds of stuff in quite a short period. But in the end, I did it. Now I have to drop beasties at school, run to school, get material to graduate office, and then drop Piper off with my friend Bob so I can get my hair done.

Vacation week. I have much organizing to do. If I can talk H into spending money, I want to redo the house. Create a guest room. Fix up the kids' room. Buy more book shelves (!!!!). I also get to see Morrissey on Monday night (!!!!!), and All the Saints on Thursday (!!!!). I have friends coming over this Saturday, and get to be the cool friend next Saturday. I love this business. Spring is in the air in the South.


John B-R said...

1. Do you enjoy reading Bataille?

1a. I like reading your stories. I don't comment as they leave me speechless. In a good way. (Yes, I am capable of just listening!)

2. Your mornings sound a bit like S&M w/out the sex (!), w/ the world as dominatrix. Too bad you can't find a way to enjoy that little ritual of powerlessness.

3. Congratulations on the award. We all know you're special. With specialness comes responsibility. No point in not spilling every drop.

gman's_mom said...

Can I get an Amen! :)

Ernesto Priego said...

God, you are unstoppable!

Ginger As in Green Tea... said...

John B-R. I adore Bataille as you will see in my newest posts. He inspires me to write which is always a good sign for me in terms of a theorist. I am in love with his words.

I don't know about unstoppalbe E but thanks.

Love you Gman's mom:P