Friday, June 19, 2009

Sometimes Life is Sweet

Just a brief fancy writing, nothing so beautiful or so painful...just a simple thought to end a beautiful day. Today was something close to perfect. We spent a hot day at a sprayground, getting wet, hanging out with some lovely friends, chasing beasties through cold water...later we made pizza with the same beasties. We feed them so ice cream, laughed at their antics (Piper with her wand was everyone's fairy godmother), and just sat content with a full simple day. We watched an amazing t.v. series (seriously hot...better than porn), and later...well just let your imaginations run wild. And to top it off we made up with a friend which felt good. It's someone we don't want to lose in our lives, and it pleased us both to just feel like it was going to be okay.

Sometimes, life is so beautiful, so sweet, and so full that I don't think I can contain it within myself. Sometimes I feel like maybe I don't deserve such beauty, such wonder, such joy. But it has been handed to me, so many wonderful people, a loving, joyful, and yes sexy as hell, husband, and the most perfect beasties ever...and who am I to refuse such a gift?

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JLQ said...

There's no such thing as deserve and not deserve, in my opinion. You have your beautiful life because you made it, and (I think) you should be proud of it.