Thursday, June 04, 2009

Weekend Plans Which Involve APTBS

I need to do some more writing but alas I am kind of in zoned out mood again so it's back to updates.

Tomorrow we're leaving for Baltimore. I bought H and I tickets to see APTBS there for his birthday. We're going to take the van (hope it makes the trip there and back), and stay with our friend Rosslyn, Friday and Saturday night. She kindly offered to watch the beasties while we go to the show. It should be a fun little mini vacation. I'm pretty psyched to see APTBS again...third time...although I am realizing that I may be the fan from hell. But alas they're not playing anywhere in NC in the near future, and I need a fix. Now if I could only persuade them to play Charlotte...I have about twenty people who want to see them the next time they're here.

In other news...we have reenrolled the kids at their old school. There were changes made that made the school an option again. Homeschooling is really just not working this time around. I can't seem to motivate myself to do what needs to be done. They fight constantly, and neither Umberto or Camille are getting the social time they need. Plus I realize I need to really chill out and not be so reactionary when something happens to them. They are stronger than I think.

I'm looking forward to an awesome summer. H will be out soon, and we'll back to the wonderful lazy days. We're watching our friend's son so a bit of extra money, and a kid for the kids to play with. Should be good. In addition, I'm hoping for lots of parties both big and small. We have a big June birthday bash coming up with a ton of people coming. But I'm hoping also to have some mellow cook out weekends as well. It's nice to have loads of friends again. I missed this from my undergrad. years, and am pretty thrilled to have created a small community here.

H got transfered to an elementary school so he didn't lose his job. I think he'll be good at teaching this level and it will be a lot less stress than teaching high school.

I'll post pics, and a travel update after the weekend....

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