Thursday, June 18, 2009

When the Living Is Easy

We're officially in summer mode. H is done. We have acquired our summer child (this one is blond, blue-eyed and totally stands out in our little group of beasties) but he's totally blended into our life. Of course we get lots of stares when we go out in public. People sometimes do a double take. You can see them trying to figure out how it was this blond child came to be a part of our brood. I keep joking that people are thinking "Do you think he knows?" But we get lots of stares anyway....Camille usually does something utterly outrageous when we're in public.

I love these lazy summer days spent trying to rustle up things to do. But it's not an urgent need. Time is ours in the summer. Sometimes we have plans, and sometimes we just end up the Common Market. We sit, drink root beer (beer for us) and hang. Our kids are getting used to hanging.

We've had a lot of rain this week so we haven't been out much. We took the kids to Imaginon, then to B & N yesterday. There's not much to do indoors here that's cheap. I've got to find a rec center or something where we can go play for a minimal amount of money. The kids are pretty calm until about three, and then they just starting running laps from the living room straight through to the kitchen. It drives me mad. But I totally get that they're just hyper....and we're stuck inside. But we have board games to play.

Today we're hoping for the clouds to lift. The sky is teasing me with rare glimpses of blue showing through a steady sheet of grey. I want to bring the beasties plus one to the spray ground to get wet, and run, play, just be outside. The weather report is lying to me....supposed to be unbearably hot, sunny with thunder storms, scattered! I'm hoping that this cloudy week is not a precursor to the rest of our summer.

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