Brits Drive Up Prices for Real Estate In Ibiza

Ibiza in particular seems to be still the most popular destinations for British citizens looking to get out of the country. As statistics show the second most popular destination for people leaving from the Manchester Airport is, as you might have guessed by now, San Antonio.

The airport officials confirmed that this year, only Tenerife managed to be more popular than Palma in Manchester, followed by Cancun, New York and Alicante. With so many Brits landing on the islands, one has to wonder where they all stay.

Maybe this is one of the reasons the property in Ibiza and the rest of the Balearics as well as the Canaries tends to register the smallest decrease in value when compared to the rest of Spain. Of course, for those who own a house in Ibiza this is more than probably good news, but for those seeking to acquire Ibiza real estate at a bargain price, this does not bode well.

Local real estate firms and their representatives advise those who are interested in taking advantage in Spain’s recent decrease in property prices to look elsewhere for that bargain purchase, most probably on the San Antonio region. The only difference is that San Antonio, while still being a popular tourist destination for most Europeans, it’s situated on the mainland and thus lacks the appeal of its island competitors.

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