Decisions, Decisions, Dental Insurance or a Dental Plan?

Realistically, Mokena Dentist is expensive. This is making dental insurance almost mandatory if you want a healthy mouth for individuals or our families. Medicare does not include a true dental insurance plan, nor do the majority of employers, though some offer minimal coverage. Due to this, many consumers are enduring a sometimes miserable existence without dental care. Around 30 percent of U.S. adults with health insurance avoid visits to a dentist because of the potential costs. Of those who are uninsured, more than half required dental care, but an inability to pay the costs kept them away.


Average Premiums

When an employer doesn’t offer dental insurance, we can always buy an individual policy, however, we will easily be paying anywhere from $225 to $396 per year in premiums. Then there is the other alternative, the discount dental plan. This is a membership-based network which offers individuals and families discounted dental services from the company’s select providers.

Pondering the Alternatives

When it comes to purchasing dental insurance, we typically pay an average monthly premium along with a deductible. This is done before insurance kicks in, and then continues even after the deductible. Mind you, some policies vary greatly regarding co-pay requirements. In some policies, they have no co-pay, while others require us to pay a ridiculous portion. The larger our family, the steeper the amount we have to pay annually.

Another wonderful quirk with dental insurance plans is they often come with a coverage cap. What is a cap? This is their way of saying, we are only insured for about $1,200 to $1,500 per year total. What if our loved one is in the midst of a procedure and the cap has been met? Well, once the specified amount has been met, we start to pay out of pocket. This can build up quickly.

Dental Discounts Score High in Debates

Discount dental plan users typically pay an enrollment fee, along with an average annual fee of around $90 to $140 per year. In turn, we are provided access to discounted services from a specified list of member providers. These discounts can range anywhere from 10 percent to 60 percent, depending on the service and the discount dental plan provider. Since we do not have to deal with deductibles or caps with these plans, our care is not limited by the number of services we receive each year.

Another added bonus, there is no paperwork to fill out for reimbursements or coverage changes. When it comes to those in need of cosmetic dental services, it won’t take long to determine discount dental plans may be the way to go. Discount services more often cover cosmetic dentistry, while insurance plans typically do not.

Our Mouth, Our Choice of Coverage

When it comes to getting the best family dental care available, take some time to select between an insurance plan, and a discount dental plan. Remember, some of the same rules apply. The differences between plans are quite vast. It is of the utmost importance for each of us to thoroughly research, and comprehend what services are covered before we sign any contractual agreements. It is wise to confirm our chosen family dentist in IL is on the “preferred” list.

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