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Aside from pharmaceutical options, most rehabilitation centers provide additional types of therapy to help patients long-term. There are lots of effective forms of therapy. Your treatment sessions may include one-on-one, group and family therapy. The healing process involves restoring relationships that had been destroyed as a result of substance abuse. One-on-one therapy sessions will help you form new coping strategies and skills to help serve you as you grow further in your recovery. Furthermore, therapy can bring your closer to determining the root cause of your addition. Group sessions enable clients to build relationships with a group of friends who are understanding and working through similar issues. Educational sessions teach clients how to overcome stressful situations and live healthy and happy lives without turning to substance abuse.


Common Withdrawal Symptoms

Side effects and symptoms of withdrawal include the following:

  1. Muscle and/or body aches and pain
  2. Vomiting or upset stomach
  3. Anxiety, emotional high and lows, depression
  4. Sweating
  5. Dehydration and more

Whether or not someone will experience these symptoms depends on several things, including:

  1. How long the drug or alcoholic substance has been used
  2. How much of the drug is currently in the person’s bloodstream
  3. Usage history
  4. Types of substances abused
  5. Age
  6. Overall physical health

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