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A reduction in hormone production is a natural part of the aging process for both men and women. In women it is called menopause, which can bring on a sudden onset of difficult symptoms. Men go through a period of hormonal change called andropause, also known as male menopause. It occurs more gradually than menopause, starting when men are in their late 30s.


What hormones are important for men?

Testosterone is important to sexual growth and an active libido. When testosterone levels are reduced, men tend to lose sexual desire and may encounter performance issues. However, testosterone is not the only hormone that diminishes as men age. There are 4 other essential hormones that may be affected by the aging process: DHEA, Thyroid, Pregnenolone, and Human Growth Hormone. The lowered production of these hormones may cause increased fatigue, insomnia, difficulty losing weight, loss of muscle tone, poor memory and depression.

Why choose hormone replacement therapy?

Although you cannot reverse the process of aging, you can make the hormonal changes much easier on your body. Hormone replacement therapy is designed to supplement those hormones that are deficient in your body; it is a personalized pharmaceutical therapy that will help your body stay healthy with age. One primary concern of andropause is loss of bone density, which can highly increase the risk of fracture. Fatigue and insomnia are also problematic because the body cannot heal itself from daily wear without proper rest. Hormone therapy can reduce these troubles and restore your stamina.

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